Guiding Care and Giving Hope

Medical Services


  1. Family Medical Care
    Beacon Primary Care delivers a wide range of acute, chronic, and preventive care medicine for your entire family - from newborns to seniors. We also provide your family with annual check-ups and physicals.
  2. Preventive Medicine
    Beacon Primary Care provides preventive care to find potential health problems before they become a major health concern. Preventive care can include immunizations, lab tests, physical exams and recommended treatment plans.
  3. Substance Abuse Treatment & Counseling
    Beacon Primary Care provides evidence based substance abuse treatment and counseling for individuals and families facing difficult addictions.We offer a variety of medical services to treat these illnesses and provide resources for better health.
  4. Nutritional Counseling
    These services are designed around a natural food approach to meet nutritional goals and weight loss. Previous guidelines based on the food pyramid have been found to have no scientific validity and have contributed to the obesity epidemic.
  5. Psychiatric Services
    Our Psychiatric Services provides screening, diagnosis and referral for common behavioral disorders such as depression, anxiety, substance use disorders and ADHD. We also prescribe psychotropic medications when needed.
  6. Minor Surgeries and Injections
    Minor surgical procedures in primary care include joint, carpal tunnel and trigger point injections,skin biopsies, removal of benign and some malignant skin lesions, removal of cysts, ingrown toenails, skin tags and performing laceration repairs.
  7. Same Day Visits
    Immediate Care and Walk-Ins Welcomed