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    Peter D. Farr, MD

    How I got interested in Addiction Medicine

    I have been in practice as a board-certified Family Physician for most of my career since 1988. I started Addiction Medicine in 2009 when I was asked by the CEO of a rural county hospital to help them develop an inpatient detox program. I wanted to help but had no training in the Addiction specialties, so I joined the American Society of Addiction Medicine to get educated. Over the next seven years I attended over 350 hours of continuing medical education on various topics in addiction medicine. I had over 10,000 face-to-face encounters managing people diagnosed with severe opioid use disorder. I logged about 2000 hours of direct addiction medical care which qualified me to sit and pass the board certification exam in 2015. Additionally, I helped the rural county hospital organize a 10-bed unit and helped train other doctors and nurses and set up protocols to manage patients in acute withdrawal and maintenance treatment.

    Our Philosophy

    We recognize opioid use disorder as a disease where the reward circuitry (pleasure center) and related areas of the brain involved in memory, mood, motivation, judgement and executive function are hijacked by drugs and before long, compulsive drug seeking behavior is the norm. The brain changes with chronic drug use and the vicious cycle of chasing reward (euphoria and pleasure) and preventing withdrawal takes over a person’s life. When people are ready to stop, we use a nonjudgmental approach and provide medication assisted treatment with buprenorphine medications, psychological evaluation and support; meeting a person where they are in their readiness to change.

    Counseling is not mandatory but recommended if needed and we do not promote forced tapering of medication. We work with patients to determine what is the appropriate dose of medication, depending on the individual patient’s needs.

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