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  • Peter D. Farr

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    I am a board-certified family physician first licensed in 1985 after finishing medical school at Mount Sinai School of Medicine  in New York. I then completed a three year residency in Family Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I practiced traditional family medicine for most of my career and in 2009 I was recruited to develop and manage an in-patient detox program for a county hospital in rural Indiana. We would admit people in acute withdrawal mainly from opioids, mostly pain medications and heroin and stabilize them onto a medication named buprenorphine. Within 2-3 days of treatment patients were out of withdrawal and thanking me for saving their lives. I was fascinated with the stories my patients told me and recognized how the opioids had overtaken their brain. Since I had very little training in addiction medicine, I joined the American Society of Addiction Medicine and over the next 6 years was involved in about 1800 detox admissions and logged about 350 hours of continuing medical education in addiction medicine. I then became board certified in Addiction Medicine in 2015 and then focused the rest of my career on helping people with substance use disorders with a major focus on Opioid Use Disorder.

    My wife and I opened Beacon Health Group January 1, 2017 to provide medical care to those with substance use disorders. We use the Beacon or Lighthouse as our symbol giving hope and guidance to individuals from the darkness of addiction into the light of sobriety through nonjudgmental treatment. We understand the stigmas and shame of addiction and want to help those with a substance use disorder realize they have a chronic disease and should not have any shame and deserve treatment.